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End of the Line Packaging Equipment

Carton Erectors

Ubique GoldFlex 056


Semi-automatic machine to form uniform sized American-type boxes to fold the four bottom flaps and to support the carton during the filling made by an operator. The unfolded blank is infed tilted with a downward pressure to fold the front and back flaps, then it is pushed forward to operate the flap closer by a pneumatic control and is kept with the bottom closed, facilitating in this way the filling operations. Once finished, the operator closes manually the four upper flaps and sends the box to the sealing station thanks to a free roller table. The Goldflex 056 combined with a taping machine and an outfeed roller conveyor is a compact, semi-automatic and productive packaging line.


Painted and reveted steel structure. Pneumatic control system. Safety guards protecting the moving parts. Convenient side store to support the blanks. The adjustments of the various widths are carried out by means of lateral guides adjusted by hand-wheel.

  • Weight: 102 Kg
  • Productivity: 600-800 boxes/hour
  • Service temperature: + 5° C to + 35° C
  • Overall plan dimensions: 1220x820 mm
  • Air consumption per box cycle: 2.1 nl
  • Pneumatic power supply: 6 bar

Features Productivity
  • 600-800 boxes/hour (This is only Mechanincal speed. the actual can vary depending on the line configuration, type of material, type and number of operators.)
  • Bed height (working height): 650 mm

Features Box Dimensions
  • L: 140 to 650 mm
  • W: 100 to 510 mm
  • H: 100 to 510 mm

Optional Accessories
  • Opposite version
  • Leg with casters (diameter 80 mm)
  • Outfeed pack tables 400x500 mm or roller conveyors
  • when combined with taping machine with three flapclosers

Ubique GoldFlex 56


It forms the bottom of uniform sized american type boxes automatically and folds the four bottom flaps. The flap folding system performance is assured by the perfect synchronous lever movements. The suction cup system, actioned by a Venturi group, picks the carton blank from the side magazine and holds it during the opening. A special device can be fitted to the machine for the positive unfolding of square section boxes. After the forming, the box bottom is sealed with adhesive tape by the GOLDTAPE bottom sealer or by a hot melt device; the box is then sent to a manual filling station or to a pick&place packer. The compact dimensions allow GOLDFLEX to be installed in existing lines and to optimize the space.


Bent, bolted and painted steel structure. The machine is managed by a dedicated logic with Eprom and 2x40 LCD display. Electro-pneumatic drive. Safety guards in transparent methacrylate with safety micro-switch.

  • Weight: 515 Kg
  • Electrical power supply: three-phase, 400 V / 50 Hz 0.4 kW
  • Service temperature: from + 5° C to + 35° C
  • Overall plan dimensions: 2100 x 1600 mm
  • Noise level: 78 db
  • Pneumatic: 6 bar, 22 nl per protection cycle
  • Electrical protection level: IP 54

Box Dimensions Features
  • L: 220 to 600 mm
  • W: 100 to 500 mm
  • H: 150 to 750 mm

Features Productivity
  • 600-900 boxes/hour (This is only Mechanincal speed. the actual can vary depending on the line configuration, type of material)
  • Bed height (working height): 650 + 100 mm

Standard magazine Features
  • 1000 mm

Optional Accessories
  • Overload advice photocel kit
  • Motorized magazine MAG562: capacity 2000mm (a stack of 200 cartons are put on the magazine slider bed and are fed by two independent pulse pneumatic control groups, basing on the requirements of the box forming machine
  • Opposite version
  • Positive unfolding device: for square section boxes forming, no need of flap diecutting modification
  • Single-phase electrics
  • Outer control kit (for the functioning through an operator: each time the pedal is pressed, the machine ejects a box)