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Paper & Package Testing Machines

Crush Tester


  • Direct Digital Read- out of Load.
  • Electro-mechanical Loading System.
  • Sophisticated electronic controls for precision and easy operation.
  • Peak hold facility.
  • Supplied with attachments for testing Flat Crush,Edge.
  • Crush and Ring Crush. Other attachments at extra cost.

Micro Processor - based Model Product Code : UCR-P
  • Printer Port facility to generate printed report(80 column Dot Matrix printer to be provided by the user).
  • RS232 Port ,with necessary software, to transfer data to computer (computer to be provided by user).

Suitable for Testing as per following Standards

TAPPI T-808-om-92
EFCO Test Method No. 6
IS 4006(Part II)1972
Edge Crush Test
FCBM Test Method
IS No.87063
Ring Crush Test
IS 4006(Part II)1966
TAPPI T-818-om-87
FCBM 19:98
Pin Adhesion Test
FEFCO Test Method No.11
IS 4006(Part II)1966
Corrugating Medium Test(CMT)
TAAPI T-809-om-87

Technical Specifications

Load Cell Capacity 500 kgf
Load Cell Sensitivity ± 0.2% Full Scale
Load Indicator Resolution 0.1% F.S.
Load Indicator Accuracy ± 0.4% F.S.
Platen Size 100 mm dia
Admit between Platen 20-75 mm
Loading Speed 10±2.0 mm per minute
Power Requirement 0.5 kW Single Phase 220 Volts
Dimensions in mm(L x W x H) 550 x 620 x 840
Weight in kg 80

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