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Paper & Package Testing Machines

Universal Testing Machine (UTM)


  • Digital display of Length and Load.
  • Tare set facility for load indicator to set off dead weights of clamps, springs, etc., and to read actual load directly.
  • Length reset facility for length indicator at any position of moving platen to indicate actual deflection.
  • Fully automatic test with single button test start.
  • Easy to program controller.
  • This equipment is extremely versatile for conducting a variety of tests, on different materials as per national and international standards.

Available in two models:
  • With Fixed Testing Speed (Model UTM and UTM-P)
  • With Variable Testing Speed (Model UTM-V and UTM-P(V))

Among the many tests that can be conducted on the machine are:
  • Actuating Force for Snap Action Switch
  • Removal Force for Connector PIns in Plugs
  • Tensile Strength of Crumple Terminals
  • Firmness of Polyurethane Foam
  • Tensile Strength of Rubber - Fiber and Filaments
  • Crush Strength of Medical Tablets
  • Peel Strength of Adhesives
  • Flexural Test for Laminates, PCBs, Plastics,etc.
  • Fruit Firmness Test
  • Sealing Strength of Pouches and Bags
  • Test for Springs, agnets,etc.

Additional Features of Micro Processor-based Equipment (Model UTM-P and Model UTM-P(V):
  • Printer Port to Print Load and Length/Deflection Graph of Test Data (80 column dot matrix Printer to be provided by user).
  • RS232 Port for data transfer to PC/Data Transfer Unit with dedicated Software for Test Analysis (Optional at extra cost).
  • Hardware Requirement: PC with CD-ROM drive, Serial Port, minimum 64 MB RAM, Hard Disk with Windows 98 preloaded.

Parameter Specifications for both Models
Loading Speed (to be specified with the order) Model UTM / UTM-P Any one specific speed between 12 ± 3 mm/min to 100 ± 3mm/min
Model UTM-V / UTM-P(V) 1-100 mm/min or 4 Preset speeds (to be specified) or Higher Loading Speed**
Load Cell Capacity (KgF) To be specified with the order 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 (Loading Capacity will be approximately 90% of Load Cell Capacity.) This machine can be configured to operate with up to three Load Cells of different capacities (Optional at extra cost)
Load Indicator Resolution 0.1% of Loading capacity
Load Indicator Accuracy ± 0.4% of Loading Capacity
Load Units (User Selectable) KgF, Newton, Pound
Admit between Platens Minimum 100 mm Maximum 500 mm
Power Requirement 3 Phase, 415 VAC, 1.5 HP with independent and effective neutral and earthing
Length Indicator Resolution 0.1 mm
Length Indicator Accuracy ± 0.2 mm
Dimensions of the Standard Machine with Control Panel (W x D x H) mm 1200 x 1100 x 1700 (Approx.)
Machine Weight of the Standard Machine 800 kgs (Approx.)

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